Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Johngy By Terence Muncy

I met horror and comic book artist Terence Muncy many years ago at a convention.  Since then, I always make sure to visit his booth every time he appears at a con I'm attending.
Although his artistic creations are awesome, the multi-talented Muncy is not limited to drawing.  He has directed films, opened a special effects company, designed tshirts and much more.  The guy seems to have his wicked hand in everything.
At the recent Wizard World convention in Rosemont, Muncy gave me his version of "Johngy."  I love it.  It is certainly the most unique version any artist has ever done of Johngy.
Whenever I approach an artist about creating a version of Johngy, I give very little direction.  I want the artist to make it personal.  I don't want a bunch of the same looking pieces from different artists.  There is no "bad" versions, because it's all in the eye if that artist.
Muncy's version surprised me, yet I shouldn't be surprised at all.  If you know him and his work, you will see it is a perfect representation of his work.  You won't be seeing the Johngy for sale at any convention, but you will be able to see it hanging on my wall with all of the other cool artist renderings of Johngy!
Thank you to Terence for his cool contribution to the Art of Johngy!
Terence Muncy and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2016.

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