Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner followed his older brother Rick to the University of Michigan and then into pro wrestling.  They had a successful run as a tag team, but Scott went on to his greatest fame when he turned bad guy and went solo.
Scotty's appearance changed dramatically during his career.  He started as a muscular big guy with a bit of a mullet.  He ended as a hugely muscular guy with very short blond hair, usually covered by a chain headdress of sorts.
Scotty (with Rick) had a stint in the WWE early in his career, but he did not rejoin the WWE after the WCW purchase and takeover.  Scotty went to TNA, but by then he was past his prime.
Matt Parker and I had the pleasure of meeting "The Genetic Freak" at PCW.  I kissed up a bit by wearing a Michigan hat, which Scott appreciated.
Scott was very personable and still very big.  We talked a bit about his alma mater and other things.
Scott (or the Steiner Brothers) should be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.  Right now,. it appears Scott is not on great terms with the WWE, but time (and money) heals wounds.  I am sure it will just be a matter of time before they iron out their differences.
Matt Parker, Scott Steiner and me in Midlothian, IL-November 2011.

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