Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Guy Gilchrist at Wizard World Columbus 2016

When I checked the Artist Alley list for Wizard World Columbus 2016, one of the first names that stood out was Guy Gilchrist.  I had to meet the man behind Nancy.
Larry Whittington began the Fritzi Ritz comic strip in 1922 and Ernie Bushmiller took over the strip three years later.  In 1933, the character of Nancy was introduced.  Since then, Nancy has taken the spotlight and the title of the comic.
In 1995, Guy and Brad Gilchrist took control of Nancy.  One of the changes they made was to return Nancy back to the more traditional style.  Guy now has sole control.
I have always been fascinated by comic strips.  They are so simple, yet so much work goes into each panel.  I have talked to many comic creators and I know the effort involved, although I also see the passion.  It sounds cliche, but these people have such passion for their characters.  They actually have to look at them almost like real people, like family members.
Gilchrist fits that mold.  His passion for "Nancy" is evident as he talks about his work.  While he did not create Nancy, he keeps her alive today.
Aside from Nancy and other comic work, I learned that Gilchrist designed a few logos for minor league baseball teams.  That is almost as cool as working on one of the most iconic comic characters ever!
You can learn more about Gilchrist and "Nancy" by following Guy Gilchrist on twitter.
Guy Gilchrist and me in Columbus, OH-August 2016.

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