Tuesday, October 25, 2016

John Cusack at C2E2 2016

Sometimes, the picture needs no real introduction.  John Cusack is a legend.  I don't need to discuss his lengthy resume.  He's also a Chicagoan.
Scottie Steiner and I met Cusack at C2E2 earlier this year.  It was awesome meeting the legend, but I must admit he wasn't overly fan-friendly.
This falls into that nebulous category, where the celebrity wasn't a jerk and really did nothing offensive, but didn't make it special.  This is the fine line.  An extra smile, a quick greeting, any sort of that stuff goes a long way.
Perhaps Cusack was tired.  Maybe we were among the few who didn't get much out of Cusack.  It would take another time or several others from this time to really help me formulate my opinion.
I don't disparage Cusack.  I have had similar "disappointments" with Dean Stockwell, who I was really excited to meet.  These in no way rank with the very few bad experiences I have had with celebrities.
I just wanted more.  Cusack is a Chicago icon and seems like a good guy.  I blame him for being likeable.
Scottie Steiner, John Cusack and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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