Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ken Anderson at Blizzard Brawl 2015

Whether he is introduced as Misterrrrrrrr Kennedy or Misterrrrrrrr Anderson, this guy always entertains.  (Watch this transition tie-in).  Whether it is Blizzard Brawl or House of Hardcore, this December 3 wrestling show in Waukesha will entertain.
I am really looking forward to the trip to Wisconsin to see some of my favorite wrestlers and other friends.  It's always a good time at Blizzard Brawl and House of Hardcore should just amp that up even more.
Getting back to Anderson/Kennedy, Ken found success in both TNA and the WWE.  He has also been seen at several events with Wisconsin promoter David Herro.  Ken is definitely a #SuperFriend.  He's also a fan of Johngy's Beat, as he professes in Mr. Anderson Loves Johngy's Beat!
Will Ken be appearing at House of Hardcore 21: Blizzard Brawl?  He is from Wisconsin.  He does like to wrestle.  He is a #SuperFriend with Herro.  Hmmm.  Head to HouseofHardcore.net to find out and to see all of the updates.
Ken Anderson and me in Waukesha, WI-December 2015.

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