Tuesday, November 22, 2016

On The Beat With Scott Schwartz At REWind Con 2016

How cool was REWind Con?  Actor Scott Schwartz was there unannounced.  Even he wanted to be part of the fun and he could have easily been on the other side of the table, signing autographs for his fans.
As a teenager, Scott co-starred in The Toy (with Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason) and A Christmas Story.  Since then, he has done several movies and some television.  
Scott joined his father in a sports and movie memorabilia and sports collectibles store.  As a side trivia note, his father was Elvis Presley's US Army company clerk in Germany.  Also, Scott apeared in a few adult movies, but in not "action" roles.
At REWind Con, I was excited to see Scott on the Red Carpet, since he was not advertised for the event.  Then moments later, I literally almost ran into him in the main room.  I had to ask for a quick interview and he obliged happily.
He was totally cool and gave us a couple minutes of his time, despite not "working" the event.  I love it when I get an unexpected interview and even more so when it is a fun interview.
Scott talked about being recognized and appreciated by his fans, who he wanted to see and his current projects.  He joked about the recognition he got, but the truth is that he was greeted eagerly on the Red Carpet.  Fans were happy to see him, as was I.
I appreciate Scott talking to us, especially since he was not even officially appearing there.  I really appreciate REWind Con for their great event.

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