Sunday, December 18, 2016

Happy Birthday Dave!

Today, my brother-in-law Dave Blais is celebrating his birthday.  As always, I celebrate his day and say nice (but true) things.
Recently, Dave has gotten a bit of the acting bug.  Thespian Dave has appeared on such television shows as Chicago Fire.  He may not be the star.  He might not even appear in the credits.  Still, he is appearing semi-regularly on shows.
Dave and Nancy have found work and fun being extras.  They appear in the backgrounds as whatever the scene needs.  It's pretty cool and they have fun.
Speaking of fun, I had a great time with Dave in Las Vegas last year at Matt's bachelor party.  Dave even placed a sports wager, betting for the Green Bay Packers against our beloved Bears.  For the record, I encouraged that bet and he won that bet.  You're welcome, Dave!
I went on my first scooter ride with Dave many years ago.  I admit being slightly scared as we zipped down North Avenue, but it was fun and I eventually got my own scooter.
Dave is a good guy and I appreciate the advice, support and help he has given me over the years.  I also appreciate the fun times.
Happy birthday Dave!  Whoop it up big time, my friend!
Dave and Nancy in Chicago, IL-September 2016.


Jean Parker said...

Dave, Hope you enjoy your day!
Happy Birthday!!

Nancy said...

Happy belated b-day