Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Jim

First I met Chuck Gekas (he of the birthday earlier ths month).  A few years later, I met his brother Jim.  I love these guys, but today is about birthday boy Jimmy.
If you truly get judged by the company you keep, I am happy to hang with Jimmy.  He really is a good person.  He's become the best friend I could ever want.  I am better for knowing Jim.
Oh sure, I might bust his chops about his overzealous appreciation of the talents of some Chicago players, but that's part of his charm.  Ever the optimist, Jim just badly wants to see his beloved Cubs/Bears/Wolverines do well.
His love of life and all things living is inspiring, as is his faith.  He has taught me a lot and I am forever grateful.
Below is a pic from the time the Gekas brothers joined me on the field in St. Louis.  This was one of the coolest Johngy's Beat adventures ever.
Happy birthday Jimmy.  Love ya, pal!
Chuck and Jim Gekas in St. Louis, MO-August 2013.

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Nancy said...

Happy belated birthday Jim. Hope you had a great day.