Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Jennie Garth Joined The Johngy's Beat Jay Leno Club

Over the years, I have heard many times that I resemble Jay Leno   I usually laugh it off and joke that I wish I could make it profitable.  As I started to cover the various conventions and sporting events, I started hearing it from celebrities.  Thus,. the Johngy's Beat Jay Leno Club was formed.
The most recent addition to the Jay Leno Club is actress Jennie Garth.  At REWind Con 2016, as I approached her, Jennie made the reference.  I chuckled and told her I hear that a lot.  Then she grabbed her Beverly Hills 90210 costar Luke Perry and pointed it out to him.  He didn't seem too impressed.  Actually, I think he was just busy.
Jennie thus becomes the 16th cdelebrity to join this exclusive club.  As you'll notice by the picture below, many of the club members are in the world of pro wrestling.  Spider One and Peter Tork are musicians.  Jennie joins Patrick Warburton from the acting field.  Vince Papale is a former fotball player and the subject of the movie Invincible.
It's funny, because I never really expect it.  I can always tell it will happen though, because it usually starts with "Did anyone ever tell you...?"
As I continue covering events, the Jay Leno Club is bound to grow.  When it does, I'll report it back here.


Nancy said...

Cool that you got to meet Jennie Garth and Luke Perry. I loved that show.

Nancy said...
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