Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Pack To Be Named Later

A Pack To Be Named Later is a website founded several years ago by Matt F., of Heartbreaking Cards.  The stated goal of the site is to rip open (at least) one pack of every card product ever made.  Admittedly, it was ambitious.  Now, several years later, APTBNL is going strong.
Each post would consist of the writer opening one pack of whatever cards.  The pack and the individual cards are included in the piece, along with a brief summary of the set, the cards and possibly other random thoughts.  There was no strict guidelines, other than to have fun and to show the packs.
I contributed in the early years of the site.  Some of the packs I showcased include 1978 Donruss Kiss, 1976 Topps Welcome Back Kotter, 1991 Impel WCW, 1991 Topps American Gladiators and others.  It was fun writing and also reading what others wrote.
Unfortunately, I drifted away a bit.  I got busy with other projects and did not keep up with APTBNL.  I still checked the site and always meant to start again, but it just didn't happen, until now.
I am once again writing on APTBNL.  My first piece showcases a pack of 2016 Topps WWE.  I don't know how often I will appear there, but I am trying for a few times every month.
It feels good to see my first piece back there.  It really is a fun site.  There are plenty of packs still to go and plenty of packs that can be repeated for different and interesting results.  You can always check out all of my pieces for APTBNL by clicking on the APTBNL box in the right column.

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