Monday, February 13, 2017

Friendly Encounters: Jason Terry and GQ

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Like most professional wrestlers, my friend has used several names.  He has been GQ, Greeko Sauve, GQ Sauve, Yanni and probably more.  Obviously, he is of Greek descent and takes great pride in his heritage.
He also takes great pride in his wrestling work and rightly so.  He is very talented in the ring and on the mic.
After a short stint on the west coast, GQ has returned to the Chicago area and most notably POWW, his main wrestling home.  If you have not seen him wrestle, you should get over to a POWW show, because he does not disappoint and POWW is always a great night of entertainment.
Recently, GQ attended a Milwaukee Bucks game and had a bit of a unique friendly encounter.  He got a courtside selfie with Jason Terry.  Nice work on it, too!
The Bucks are in a battle for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference of the NBA.  Terry is in his 18th season and has adapted nicely to a smaller, but important role on the team.
I can't guarantee you will land a selfie with Terry or any player at a Bucks game, but I can fuarantee you will get plenty of pics with the talented stars of POWW at any of their events.  You might even see me there!
GQ and Jason Terry in Milwaukee, WI-January 2017.

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