Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rae Dawn Chong at Motor City Comic Con 2011

My friends (and most Johngy's Beat readers) know of my fascination with familial ties in sports.  My interest in faily relations extends to the entertainment world, too.
Actress Rae Dawn Chong is the daughter of Tommy Chong.  Perhaps best known for her role in The Color Purple, Cong has had a successful and steady career since the late 1970's.
When Cuzz Gekas and I met Chong at the Motor City Comic Con years ago, I was impressed by her grace.  She seemed like such a pleasant person.  She was happy to be there and happy to meet and talk to fans.
We talked a bit about her famous father, mostly about growing up with a famous dad and entering the same profession.  She politely answered our questions (which she probably has answered hundreds of times previously).
She thanked us for stopping by and for our interest.  I heard her thank every fan.  That's a small, nice touch that leaves you feeling good.
Rae Dawn Chong, Cuzz Gekas and me in Novi, MI-May 2011.

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JediJeff said...

Man - I have not thought about Rae is FOREVER!!! She was in damn near every movie in the late 80s it seemed.