Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bob Boyd Climbed a Mountain With Johngy

A lot of celebrities have worn the Johngy shirt and I appreciate all of them.  Still, somehow it is always a special kick when old friends wear it.  Such was the case with Bob Boyd.
I first met Bob way back in the mid-1980's when he joined CWO&O as a salesman.  I had already logged in a year or so as a sales assistant while I went to DePaul.
Bob was always good for a laugh, a fun story and even some good career advice.  We occasionally went to lunch and also enjoyed beverages after work.  Bobn was a good guy.
Years later, through the magic of Facebook, we reconnected.  An active guy, Bob is a mountain climber.  When he requested a Johngy shirt, I had no idea he would wear one at the top of Pikes Peak on one such climb.  This is probably the highest point a Johngy shirt has ever been worn.  Way to go Bob!
I appreciate Bob's support now and I really appreciate all Bob did back in the day.  His kindness, both professional and personal, helped me on many occasions.
Bob Boyd at Pikes Peak, CO-July 2015.

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Jean Parker said...

Nice shirt color!!