Friday, April 7, 2017

Flo at Wizard World Chicago 2016

There are many attendees of Wizard World who come in costume.  These cosplayers can be superheroes, cartoon characters, movie characters and more.  At last year's Wizard World, I ran into a cosplayer in a costume I had never seen chosen.
One enterprising young lady appeared as Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads.  Commercial spokepeople are not well represented in the cosplay community, but I appreciate them even more than the others.  How many Harley Quinn characters can I see in one day.  Flo was a huge breath of fresh air.
Granted, it didn't take a lot of effort to accomplish the Flo look, although this woman did her best to resemble Flo.  Still, a great costume does not require a ton of work.  It is the end product which is most important.
I give this Flo a solid A for appearance and an A+ for orginality.  I'm wondering if she will appear as Flo this year or if she will go for something else unique again.
Flo and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2016.


Jean Parker said...

Great costume, love the Progressive commercials with Flo!!

Unknown said...

Thank you! I will not be returning as Flo this year, I will be Unity from Rick and Morty. Hopefully I will see you there!

Johngy said...

Hayley-Thank you for finding this and responding. I'd love to meet you for a picture this year, if there is any way possible.