Saturday, April 29, 2017

Primo Cardinalli at Motor City Comic Con 2016

When I first saw Primo Cardinalli's creations, I immediately thought there was an old school feel to it.  Then I learned that he is often called "That Retro Guy."  I was close.
Okay, I'm no genius though.  Anyone who looks at his pieces would probably say the same.  More importantly, if you see his work, you'll love his work.
I really like his Munsters quartered piece and his Chucky (Child's Play) creation.  There are also many other cool works, like his take on Norman Bates (Psycho), Superman, Hitchcock, Planet of the Apes and on and on.  
Primo has worked with several comics, publishers and graphics companies.  He also works independently creating and selling various pieces, like my aforementioned favorites and more.  He is very visible on the comic con scene and I highly recommend you check out his work and talk to him.  He's a bit of a character.
Aside from connventions, you can follow Primo Cardinalli on twitter.  You can also see a lot of his creations at Primo Cardinalli on Instagram.
Primo Cardinalli and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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