Thursday, June 22, 2017

On The Beat with Ellen Roberts of the Chicago Bandits 2017

Covering the Chicago Bandits is one fun summer experience.  Today, that experience includes our interview with pitcher Ellen Roberts.
Ellen is another member of the Aussie Eight with the Bandits.  Prior to the Bandits though, Ellen starred at the University of Memphis.  She holds the school record for career saves, innings pitched, starts and appearances.  She also showed some offensive pop, hitting a homer in an American Athletic Conference quarterfinal game in 2014.
She signed with the Bandits last offseason.  As of this writing, she had 16 appearances, including 3 starts, with an 1-2 record with one save and a 3.73 ERA.  She also has 21 strike outs in 20.2 innings pitched.
We talked to Ellen about playing all over the world and about the 2020 Olympics.  We also talked about playing with her Aussie mates on the Bandits, first impressions of Chicago and some other fun stuff.  Of course, I had to ask about her hitting.  Like a true pro, she downplayed it, but gave a thoughtful answer.
Ellen comes to the Bandits with a great attitude and an impressive resume.  We certainly will need her pitching talent as the season wears on and Ellen is definitely up for that challenge.  We've only seen a small sampling and bigger things are ahead for her.
I thank Ellen for her time and consideration.  She's an elite athlete and a real pleasure to watch.
I thank the Bandits for their continued hospitality.  They are a fantastic organization on and off the field.  Go to for all of the info and go to a game for all of the fun!

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