Saturday, June 17, 2017

On The Beat with Texas Charge Asst. Coach Roman Foore 2017

The reigning back-to-back National Pro Fastpitch champion Chicago Bandits are off to a great start and we are very happy to be covering them for our fourth season.  Today, our coverage finds Texas Charge Assistant Coach Roman Foore, formerly of the Bandits.
It's always strange seeing familiar faces returning with different teams.  Such was the case when I saw Coach Roman sporting the blue and green of the Charge.
Coach Roman was a steady force and a big part of the success of the Bandits during his time here.  He was also great to me whenever I needed interviews or just for general chat.  He was a good sport, even when I talked about serious topics, like the mustache luck or the Minnesota Twins GM job.  Coach Roman rolled with it, no matter what the topic was.  I appreciate all of it.
The Bandits underwent a huge change in the offseason and Coach Roman found a new home with the Charge.  While I hated to see him go, perhaps it worked out right for him, as he is now coaching with his wife, as you will hear in the interview below.
In addition to discussing the latest addition to the Charge coaching staff, Coach Roman talked about returning to coach against the Bandits, winning titles, and more.  Of course, I also asked him about the GM job with the Texas Rangers.
Thank you to Coach Roman for his time and consideration this weekend and over the last few seasons.  Good luck in Texas, as well.  Thank you to the Chicago Bandits for their continued hospitality.  For more info on the Bandits, check out

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