Saturday, July 22, 2017

James DePaiva at REWind Con 2016

Max and Blair were a super couple for a long time on television's One Life to Live.  The chemistry was real, too, as the onscreen couple became a couple offscreen, too.
I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Kassie DePaiva last year.  She was such a sweetheart, going above and beyond to make sure I got the interview.
This year, when I saw James DePaiva was going to be at REWind Con, I made him one of my main targets for an interview.  I am happy to report that he was just as nice as Kassie (although I won't call him a sweetheart).
It is one thing for a celebrity to be nice "on the job" at events like these, but both Kassie and James were awesome "offduty" there, too.  I ran into James early Sunday morning and he came up to me to talk about OLTL, the convention, Kassie and more.  It was surreal and cool.  James is really a nice guy.
Having watched both for years on OLTL, it was odd actually talking to them.  Moments like those are hard to explain.  For a few brief moments, I am not just a fan, but an actual reporter covering and interacting with two longtime favorite actors.  Having them both be so friendly really makes it a wonderful experience.
You can watch the interviews at On The Beat With Kassie DePaiva and On The Beat With James DePaiva.  I thank them both for their time and for years of entertainment.
James DePaiva and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.


Jean Parker said...

That is totally awesome! Love both of them!

Nancy said...

So cool. I have always loved Max and Blair.

Nancy said...
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