Tuesday, July 4, 2017

On The Beat With Bobby Easley and Brian Neal at Days of the Dead Indy 2017

We were "On the Beat" for our seventh straight year at Days of the Dead Indianapolis.  Two years ago, at a Days event, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bobby Easley, a writer, director, actor and more.  That interview can be found at On The Beat With Bobby Easley.
This year, I got another interview with Bobby and we were joined by Cinematographer Brian Neal,  The two men have worked tirelessly to make The Devil Dogs of Kilo Company and Belly Timber.
I had the pleasure of watching a screening of Devil Dogs at a previous Days and I was blown away.  The plot involves a company of Marines on a secret mission behind enemy lines.  They have to fight their way through the situation.
That sounds like a typical action movie, but Devil Dogs is anything but typical.  Featuring the voices of stars such as Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Phil Anselmo, John Dugan and more, the movie is shot using those little toy green soldiers and their equipment.
The necessary effort alone is amazing, but the execution is even better.  Only a super creative mind like Bobby has could come up with this concept and make it happen.
On top of it all, Bobby is a really good guy.  He's a hard-working, high energy person who promotes his labor of love with the same type of passion he put into making the movies.
Aside from Devil Dogs, the pair talked about Belly Timber.  I'll let them handle the summary j the interview below.
In the end of the interview, I state that I am covering and following their progress as a reporter, but also as a fan.  I choose what I cover and I think the movie is great, as are Bobby and Brian.  I like to share my findings with my readers, so they can enjoy good works, too.  Devil Dogs is a winner and I am looking forward to seeing Belly Timber, too.  With Bobby and Brian behind it, it's got to be good.
You can check out more info on these men and their work at TheDevilDogsofKiloCompany.com and on the Devil Dogs of Kilo Company Facebook page.
Thank you to Days of the Dead for allowing me access to meet creative folks.  Thanks to Bobby and Brian for their time and consideration.

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