Tuesday, July 18, 2017

On the Beat With "The Dream Killer" Eric Wayne of CSW

Last weekend, I went to the CSW show to see Chazz Moretti (Agent to the Stars).  It's always a fun show if the head of the Moretti Agency is involved.  By the end of the night, the Moretti Agency had grown and I saw some old school wrestling action.
The Moretti Agency is a worldwide conglomeration of talent.  It's three latest acquisitions were revealed Saturday night to be Stormie Lee, Francisco Ciatso and Eric Wayne.  Lee won her match against the legendary Malia Hosaka and the team of Ciatso and Waye also came out victorious.   Of course, Moretti himself had a hand (literally) in those victories, but there was also no denying the level of talent these wrestlers had.
Among the many highlights was Wayne utilizing a fireball.  It was shades of Eddie Gilbert as the fireball exploded on his opponent.  It was actually the first fireball I had seen in person.
After the night of action, I was able to get Wayne for an interview.  I asked him about his wrestling beginnings, his wrestling influences, his dream match and more.  Wayne was kind enough to answer all of my questions.  For a wrestler who just destroyed his opponents and joined the Moretti Agency, Wayne showed a bit of another side of him in being thoughtful and reflective.  I appreciated his time and consideration.
Don't let the few minutes of sanity fool you.  Wayne turned on me after the interview with a vicious choke hold.  Fortunately, because the Moretti Agency was in a rush to celebrate, Wayne let me go before I was choked out.
He did prove that he can be ruthless in the ring, but still be professional during the interview.  It's actually a good example to set for other wrestlers.  Then again maybe it was just an act to get more media coverage.  With the Moretti Agency, you never know and are always guessing (and usually wrong).
I'm interested to see where the Moretti Agency goes from here.  This was their first night together at CSW, but definitely not their last.  Wayne might not have made the "clean" choice, but he did make the smart move in joining Moretti.
You can follow Eric Wayne at @MrWatchTheLeft on twitter.  You can also follow the Moretti Agency on Facebook.

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