Thursday, July 6, 2017

On the Beat With Lacey Waldrop of the Chicago Bandits 2017

We are very happy to be back "On the Beat" with the back-to-back reigning National Pro Fastpitch champion Chicago Bandits.  Today, our coverage brings us to pitcher Lacey Waldrop.
Wearing #13, Lacey proves that she doesn't believe in bad luck and that talent supersedes such thoughts.  In our interview last year, she talked about her attitude towards the game in terms of being serious, but not overly serious.  It again stems from her abilities and her belief system.  Lacey's maturity is evident on and off the field.
She is off to a solid start this season.  As of this writing, Lacey is 3-2 with an ERA of 1.81.  She also has 20 strikeouts in 31 innings.
This season, we talked to Lacey about winning her second title in the NPF.  We also talked about her debut in the NPF, which was a one-hitter.
I got a little help in the interview from Kenzie Parker, young softball player and superfan of the Bandits.  Kenzie submitted three questions for Lacey to answer.
I liked Kenzie's contribution.  It's good to get the perspective of a young fan.  I think other young fans and players will benefit from her questions.
A big thanks to the Chicago Bandits for their continued hospitality.  I also appreciate Lacey's time and consideration this season and in the past.  She's another great role model and elite athlete of the Bandits and we are happy to have her here!  For more info on Lacey and the Bandits, check out

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