Friday, August 25, 2017

Carrie Fisher and Friends at Wizard World Chicago 2016

My longtime dear friend Jason Fleigel and Ashley Prester are two of the biggest Star Wars fans I know.  They have huge collections from the iconic movie and have met several of the actors.
One principle part they had not met was Carrier Fisher (aka Princess Leia.  That changed at Wizard World Chicago 2016.
I am not a huge Star Wars fan, but I did like the original (which I guess is now listed as the 4th?).  I do respect the enormity of meeting Fisher though, but I wouldn't have done it for myself.
Knowing how big of fans these two are, I got us to meet the legendary actress.  I have to say, they were pretty giddy as we awaited Fisher's arrival.  I say this not to mock them, but becauase I was happy that I helped make this happen for them.  I can appreciate the giddiness, as I have felt it many times in anticipation of meeting some of my favorites (Roddy Piper, Lauren Holly etc.).
As expected, Fisher had a huge line, but she did her best to make it special for everyone.  She made sure to reach out to all of us in the photo.  (Yes, that is her hand on my face, not Jason's, as one of my friends poked).
This year, through my press passes and other deals I have worked, I have gotten some of my friends to meet their favorites.  I've met so many of mine and it feels good to help others meet some of their favorites.  It's cool to see the gleam in their eye (which I know is in mine at times).  It's just one more fun thing at these conventions.
Ashley Prester, Carrie Fisher, Jason Fleigel and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

That is so cool .... Happy for them! I'm sure they will never forget it!