Thursday, August 3, 2017

On the Beat With Stacey McManus of the Chicago Bandits 2017

I was back "On the Beat" with the Chicago Bandits for another round of interviews.  Over the next few days, I will be running interviews with four of the "Aussie Eight" starting today with Stacey McManus.
A child of two softball-playing parents, Stacey started playing when she was four and has built an impressive softball resume.  She is a member of the Australia women's national softball team,  She played in the Canadian Open Fastpitch International Series and the World Cup of Softball.
Stacey signed with the Bandits in March 2017.  In limited playing time, Stacey has 10 at bats, 1 home run, 4 rbi's and 3 runs scored.  She has definitely made the most of her opportunities.
In the interview below, I asked Stacey about her favorite baseball team, her childhood softball nickname, a certain softball memory and other fun stuff.  I admit, I had a little help with these questions from someone very close to Stacey.
I really appreciate Cindy (Stacey's mom) for sharing a couple good stories.  I never would have gotten those bits of info without her help.  It certainly added to the interview!  I also thank Cindy for the cute koala bear she gifted me upon meeting her at the ballpark!  That was very kind and much appreciated.
Thank you to the Bandits for their continued hospitality.  Thanks to Stacey for her time and consideration.
Stay tuned to Johngy's Beat for continuing coverage of the back-to-back NPF champion Chicago Bandits.  Also, check out for more info, including scheduling!

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