Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Too Cold Scorpio at Heroes and Legends of Pro Wrestling VI

Charles Scaggs has been wrestling since 1985.  His biggest success has come as 2 Cold Scorpio, but he also had a memorable run as Flash Funk in the WWE.
Scaggs has won many titles during his lengthy career, including the WCW tag titles with Marcus Bagwell.  He has wrestled all over the world.
His career is one of the ones that confuses me a bit.  While he didn't have a huge build, he had decent size and excellent skills.  He showed a lot of personality and charisma, especially during his days as Flash.
I often wonder why certain wrestlers don't achieve more success or even popularity.  What is the difference-maker?  To me, Scaggs has all it takes to be a solid upper midcard wrestler in the WWE.  On the other hand, maybe he just is where he wants to be.  It's hard to tell.
I do know that Scaggs was awesome when Jason and I met him at Heroes and Legends in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He was just one of the many wrestling stars at Heroes and Legends.
The next Heroes and Legends event is on November 11 and you can get info at  Scaggs (2 Cold Scorpio) is slated to challenge our old friend Sugar Dunkerton for the H&L Cruiserweight title.  That should be a great match, possibly the match of the night.
Jason Fleigel, 2 Cold Scorpio and me in Fort Wayne, IN-March 2016.

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