Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tristan Rogers at REWind Con

Back in the day, when General Hospital's Luke and Laura were the hottest thing on daytime television (and possibly all of television), Luke's partner in crime and hijinx was Robert Scorpio, played by Tristan Rogers.  His main run on the show ended in 1992, but he has since made a few returns to the show.
Rogers had quite a fan following, as Scorpio was a very popular character.  Scorpio often took center stage during Luke's absences.  After leaving the show in 1992, there was always a steady clamoring for his return.  Fans of GH are a loyal bunch, especially with beloved characters.
I had the pleasure of meeting Rogers at REWind Con last year.  At 70, he still looks great and capable of getting into some fun trouble on daytime television.  I am sure GH fans would love to see him return again.
REWind Con was a great concept, featuring many stars who do not usually do such conventions.  Unfortunately, it looks like REWind Con was one and done.  I think there is a huge opportunity there for someone to step in and revive the concept.
It was great meeting Rogers and the other stars who were at REWind Con.  Rogers was happily greeting his many fans and catching up with some former castmates.  It was just a really fun convention.
Tristan Rogers and me in Bloomingdale, IL-November 2016.

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Jean Parker said...

GH was so much better in the days with Mr. Rogers .... glad you got to meet him!