Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On the Beat With Marla McKenna at PopCon Milwaukee 2017

When I signed on to cover PopCon Milwaukee, I wanted to meet and interview author Marla McKenna.  Then I found out she would be sharing convention space with Fergie Jenkins.  I love how this all ties in.
Marla authored the children's book Mom's Big Catch.  It's about a special day at the ballpark and her daughters and their dog are characters in the book.
In our interview, Marla talked about Mom's Big Catch and her other books.  Marla also revealed that partial proceeds from Mom’s Big Catch, Sadie’s Big Steal and I’m a Secret Superhero go to the Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation, a wonderful organization near to my heart.  The LBWF is committed to fighting animal cruelty through education, rescuing animals and placing them in good homes.  Also, legendary rocker Rick Springfield is matching Marla’s donations from her books!
If all of that wasn't cool enough, Mom's Big Catch has become fully customizable.  The custom editions feature plenty of specific references to the team.  (This isn't just a token cover sticker deal).  At PopCon Milwaukee, she had special Chicago Cubs editions with Fergie Jenkins.  Several other editions are in the working stages.
All of Marla's books convey positive messages, which she has happily discussed in schools across the area.  These messages are universal and as the book editions grow, Marla should be appearing all over.
It was a real pleasure meeting and talking to Marla.  Her passion was evident as we talked and also as every fan approached her.  I also witnessed her family arriving and the love that is there.
I'll be keeping up with the progress of Marla's books and reporting back here.  Until then, check out for more info and updates on Marla and this great book project.  You can also follow the Mom's Big Catch Facebook page and Marla McKenna on twitter.

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Jean Parker said...

Sounds like some great books! Love the positive thoughts for kids!