Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Brian Pulido at C2E2 2016

Brian Pulido is a writer, creator and publisher of comic books.  His main area of focus is the horror genre, an interest he picked up as a child after watching Night of the Living Dead.
Among Pulido's many talents is directing music videos.  You can see his directorial work on Calabrese "Voices of the Dead" and Sixstitch "Valentine" on YouTube.
Pulido is firmly entrenched in the horror community for several reasons, one of which is The Graves, a personal favorite of mine.  The 2009 horror flick costarred Amanda Wyss, Bill Moseley and Tony Todd (all of whom are horror con regulars).  I loved this movie long before I even knew Pulido or that he wrote and directed (and even starred) in it.
Along with all of these accomplishments, his comics creations have sold millions around the world.  As expected, his comics are edgy, horror-filled, colorful adventures.
Pulido can be found at many comic cons, where his works are displayed.  You can get more info on him at BrianPulido.com.  There are links on his site to his projects, including movies, writing and comics.  He is also active at Brian Pulido on twitter
Brian Pulido and me in Chicago, IL-March 2016.

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