Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Steven Walden at The National 2017

I had a blast at The National 2017.  One of the highlights was coming across artist Steven Walden.  As I roamed the convention floor, the Steven Walden Art booth really caught my eye.
His creations are so vibrant.  His subjects include the four major sports, as well as comics and pop culture.  He has some awesome paintings of the Rat Pack, superheroes (where's Aquaman?) and more, including a beautiful Statue of Liberty.  I love that he has a few versions of Batman (including the Adam West one).
On the sports end, he has a lot of St. Louis Cardinals, but I won't hold that against him, because they are incredible.  At least I saw some Chicago Cubs among his works.  I'm giving him a hard time about his Cardinals love and his lack of Aquaman, but I seriously loved his works.  His painting of the Busch Stadium Winter Classic is almost breathtaking (seriously).
He uses bold and rich colors.  The paintings are alive.  I think he would do an interesting job with pro wrestling, considering the already colorful characters.  I'd also like to see his take on The Johngy.
Steven's subjects and style were much different than the usual art I see at comic cons.  I'm happy that I got exposed to his work at The National.
You can check out a lot of his painting at or follow Steven Walden Art on Facebook.
Steven Walden and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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