Thursday, January 4, 2018

Back With the Chicago Bliss?

A short time ago, I wrote about my uncertain status with the Chicago Bliss.  I missed being "On the Beat" with the Bliss and I was hoping to be back with them for 2018.
Last Saturday, at the invitation of Coach Keith Hac, I attended the 2018 Bliss Tryouts.  While I am not officially back, solid steps were made in that direction.  Now it is up to the Management and Media Department at the Legends Football League.
I had a great time Saturday.  I caught up with coaches and payers I knew and met coaches I previously have not met.
For the Bliss, it really all starts with Coach Hac.  The man is a football lifer.  He has played and coached on many championship teams.  The Bliss are 3x champs because of Coach Hac.  He's had a lot of great players over the years, but they were there because of him.
The LFL isn't exactly the NFL in terms of organizational charts.  Hac Everyone associated with the team is there because of Coach Hac.  His mantra of "ABR" (Always Be Recruiting) goes for players, coaches, staff and hopefully a certain reporter.
He is the most dedicated coach I have seen in any sport.  Some of my best memories of the Bliss are of witnessing Coach Hac ana;yze teams and plays.  It's no fluke that the Bliss are always championship favorites.
Anyone who doubts the legitimacy of the LFL should talk to Coach Hac.  He wouldn't be wasting his time on "girls playing football."  He gets top notch athletes and he makes them into excellent football players.
I have seen him win titles with Heather Furr at quarterback.  "The Rockstar" was somewhat lacking in pure passing ability, but her leadership and determination were enough for Hac to make her his leader and she rewarded that faith.  Dominique Collins came in as a talented athlete and she has grown into one of the best defensive backs in the history of the LFL.  Alli Alberts is a dentist by day and All-Star defensive back-wide receiver for the Bliss.  ChrisDell Harris, Yashi Rice, Chantell Taylor, Kim Perez, Deena Fagiano and so many more came to the Bliss as raw talented athletes and Hac developed them into a machine.
At the tryouts, a large group of athletic, young women attempted to earn a spot on the Bliss.  I saw Coach Hac's wheels turning as he watched them go through drills.  It will be fun watching this team take shape.
I thank Coach Hac for his hospitality always.  I hope to be back on the Bliss beat regularly, but ether way, I know I won't be too far away from this team.
Keith Hac and me in Northbrook, IL-December 2017.

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