Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Genius Lanny Poffo: The Smartest Man in Comics!

Lanny Poffo was a favorite of mine from my early years following wrestling.  Many years later, as an adult, I had the honor of interviewing Lanny for a story in Lerner Newspapers.  Lanny could not have been nicer and I am proud to say we became friends.
Lanny enjoyed success as fan favorite "Leaping" Lanny, the Poet Laureate of the WWF and later as "The Genius," a heel character.  The WWF never revealed Lanny as Randy Savage's brother, although occasionally the announcers hinted at it.
Lanny's match with Hulk Hogan is always remembered fondly by all, because it was a fantastic match which really showcased Lanny's in-ring ability.  On the other hand, The Genius really allowed Lanny to shine outside of the ring.
Despite all of the wrestling books out there, Lanny's story has never been fully told until now.  The Genius Lanny Poffo - Wrestling's Smartest Man! is the comic biography of Lanny written by my friend John Crowther.  Through in-depth interviews and conversations, John brings Lanny's story to life.
A wrestling historian and writer, John has previously published comic biographies of The Killer Bees, Nikolai Volkoff and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, with more definitely in the works.  The series is illustrated by Randolph Dixon and Alan McMillian, with colors by Andrew Pate.
Fans can also get involved through a Kickstarter campaign to support the effort.  As always, any donation is appreciated and there are rewards that go with different levels of donations, one of which is a personal poem written by Lanny.  How cool is that?
I am so excited about the Lanny Poffo comic biography and the whole series, too.  This is such a unique concept.  Wrestling easily lends itself to comics and nothing like this has ever been done in this complete style.  I also have to add that John and his crew have skipped the usual beginner mistakes.  The comics produced so far have exceeded expectations on every level.
I hope to meet John someday soon (perhaps at a comic con?).  Oddly, I have met the all of wrestlers he has in his series, but I have not met him.  We need to change that.
You can find more info and (hopefully) make a pledge at The Genius Lanny Poffo - Wrestling's Smartest Man! on Kickstarter.  You can also get news and updates on the Squared Circle Comics Facebook page.  Remember though, the only way to guarantee you will get a copy is to pre-order from Kickstarter.
Lanny Poffo and me in Kokomo, IN-October 2007.

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Very cool. Some of those autographed items are really cool. I'm bummed that I missed out on the autographed figure.