Tuesday, January 23, 2018

The Or Else Podcast-Episode 3: Growing Pains

The newest episode of The Or Else podcast is up on Soundcloud.  In Episode 3: Growing Pains, Tommy and I discuss the early part of his career at Resistance Pro.  
In the first couple episodes, Tommy talked about his audition and the first few shows of Resistance Pro.  Tommy went from being a fan to being part of the show.  So far, Tommy has told a hilarious story about going to a magic shop with Raven.  He has recapped a few shows, including a interesting sidebars on wrestlers such as D'Arcy Dixon, Mr. 450 and Sugar Dunkerton.
D'Arcy was a relative newcomer, who worked very hard at her craft and became the Women's champ at RPro.  Mr. 450 was a high flying, talented wrestler who had performed all over the world.  I respected what each accomplished, but I did not get to know either very well.
Sugar Dunkerton is another story.  I got to know Suge a bit from driving him from the airport to an RPro show.  It was a highly entertaining ride.
Suge is a ring veteran of over 14 years.  He has a lot of fun en route to the ring, as well as in the ring.  The fans respond big time to his charismatic personality.
Tommy tells a very nice story about his first interaction with Suge.  It is a little slice of Suge that I have seen multiple times.  Suge is a young, seasoned veteran.  He is confident enough in his place in wrestling to lend advice to other younger wrestlers.  In a sport featuring individuals, I have seen Suge be a real team player, while being a standout performer.
From a personal side, Suge has always given me his time for very fun interviews.  He has cut a few promos for Johngy's Beat and he has always supported my effort.  Much like Tommy, I am proud to call Suge a friend.  He is truly one of the good guys.
Along with his story on Suge D, Tommy gives an honest recounting of his first major mistake on a show.  That's one you don't want to miss.
The Or Else podcasts are just starting.  Tommy has lined up several guests for future shows, as we continue to tell the story of Tommy Else and Resistance Pro.  I hope you join us for this journey.
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Sugar Dunkerton and me in Summit, IL-June 2015.

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