Monday, February 26, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Rosie Red and Eugene Cresto

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring my friends who have met celebrities.

Rosie Red debuted as the newest mascot of the Cincinnati Reds in August of 2008.  The Reds created an interesting Rosie Red biography on their site.
Mr. Red was the first mascot of the team, but he was retired in 2007.  Gapper and Mr. Redlegs took over at that point and were later joined by Rosie.  Rosie was named in honor of the Rosie Reds, a group that supports the team.
Rosie is one of the few female mascots in pro sports, but like the others, she is a counterpart to male mascots.  I don't think there is a main mascot of the female gender.
My bud Eugene usually meets celebrities on a regular basis, often beating me to the punch.  Last summer, he went to Cincinnati and took a picture with Rosie.  Now he's doing mascots?!!
I need to keep a closer eye on Eugene.  I have to learn his secrets.  How does he get around so much and meet so many cool people (or people dressed in odd team-related costumes)?
We always joke that when we see each other, we know it  is a big event.  That happens several times a year at various comic cons.  We'll usually end up meeting most of the same celebs, with a few different ones.  I always look forward to seeing Eugene or the new celebs he's met (even though I am sometimes envious!).
Rosie Red and Eugene Cresto in Cincinnati, OH-August 2017.

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