Monday, March 19, 2018

Friendly Encounters: James Finn Garner and Paul Erickson

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series which features friends of mine who have met celebrities.

Today, I feature two celebrity friends, who were friends with each other before I became friends with both of them.  If that's not confusing enough, look at the way they are dressed.
I'll start with the hobo on the left.  That's James Finn Garner, well respected author.  He's actually in Rex Koko Private Clown attire.  Rex Koko is the title character in a clown noir book series.  It is original, humorous and very entertaining.  He has also written books without Rex Koko, but with the same wit and wisdom.
When I first heard about his clown noir, I was greatly intrigued by the originality and possibility.  I am happy to report that James has far surpassed my hopes.  Rex Koko is brilliant!
The other person is only dressed like a hobbit, but is in fact "The World's Greatest Nerd Parodist" Paul Erickson.  He has written Tolkien and Star Wars parodies.  
The best example of how good his books are is that Jason Fleigel, a huge Star Wars fan, and my nephew Matt, a Tolkien fan, love Paul's parodies and I, at best a casual fan of both, love his books.  His humor has universal appeal.
They might seem like an odd paring at conventions, but it works.  They are very good friends and have fun together.  That sort of feeling creates a lively and inviting atmosphere at their booth.
Go to to learn more about JFG and to order his books.  Check out for all of the news and info on my favorite nerd parodist.  Of course, you can also check out their booth at several comic cons each year, including C2E2 in a few weeks.  Check for all of the info, including where you can find these two talented guys.
James Finn Garner and Paul Erickson in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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