Thursday, March 1, 2018

Marc McGowan at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2017

I always like discovering authors, especially local ones.  At the Chicago Pop Culture Con 2017, I came across Marc McGowan.  An adjunct Professor at Aurora University, Marc's books are urban fantasy/horror type stories.
His latest book, Hell's Embrace: The Face of True Evil Never Looked So Good, is the tale of beautiful demon princess Laustra, whose dream is the fall of civilization.  Out to stop her is one chosen by God.  The result is a battle between good and evil, with very high stakes.
Aside from an action-packed story, Hell's Embrace is interesting because of the two main characters.  They are both women!  This is a battle for mankind, waged by two women.  That's a unique approach.  It's refreshing to not see a man save the day.
Marc is also a martial artist and a youth counselor.  His other two books are A Fox’s Choice and A Fox’s Lament.  Marc is one more example of why I encourage all to support your local creators.
You can follow Marc's Facebook page to keep up with all of his projects and appearances.  If you see him at an appearance, you might also see his lovely cover models as an added bonus.  
Marc McGowan and me in St. Charles, IL-November 2017.

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