Thursday, April 26, 2018

Ashley Gold at Motor City Comic Con 2016

Ashley Gold rose to fame on television's Hardcore Pawn.  Ashley is the older sister of Seth and the daughter of Les.  The trio owns American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit, MI.
From the series, it would appear that the siblings were always arguing for power and control at the shop.  I'm sure some of that existed, but the reality is less combative and less entertaining, as is the case with a lot of "reality" shows.  Much of the heat in the rivalry was created for tv and ratings.
Many times, Ashley came off unfavorably on the show.  Granted, I only met her a couple times under controlled circumstances, but she was as pleasant as could be.
Ashley signed up for the show and willingly participated in it, but it still had to be hard at times.  Even st the Motor City Comic Con, I heard her answer many questions about dealing with her "obnoxious" (and other less flattering words) brother and also her "bossy" (and other less flattering words) attitude on the show.  She handled them all with class though.  Smiling and laughing while politely sidestepping controversy.
Do people really believe the siblings are always at odds?  If things were really that bad, would they both continue with the show and allow stuff to be aired?  It was entertaining.  I used to watch it, too.  I never really believed the tension existed between the two.  I also never believed employee Rich was fired, especially when I saw that his band was scheduled to begin a tour at that point.
After 9 seasons, Hardcore Pawn is off the air now.  The shop is still in business and is still a tourist attraction in Detroit.  Ashley is now concentrating mainly on jewelry.
Ashley is the perfect example of the unique guest celebrities at Motor City Comic Con.  I look forward to the upcoming 2018 MCCC on May 18-20.
Check out for more info and updates about the latest jewelry and fashion trends from Ashley.  You can also follow AshleyHCP on twitter.
Go to for all of the info on the upcoming event.  MCCC 2018 will be held on Friday, May 18 through Sunday, May 20 and I'll be "On the Beat" as always!
Ashley Gold and me in Novi, MI-May 2016.

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