Sunday, April 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Nancy!

Today my sister Nancy's birthday. I will not reveal her age, except to mention she is older than me.
Why am I not revealing her age? Actually it isn't that important, but I am also being polite. Why am I being polite? I already stated, it is Nancy's birthday.
Nancy is often pelted with jokes when the family is together. Oh sure, we are all targets at some point, but Nanc does seem to be targeted most often. To her credit, she goes along with all and actually nails us with her own shots when we least expect it.
Like I wrote, the number isn't really important either. Nanc has undergone a big transformation over the last year or so. She has worked very hard at losing some weight, eating healthier and getting in better shape. It is never easy and she deserves applause.
She also deserves applause because she is a great sister. Being my sister isn't easy either. I need lots of help and Nancy is always on my side. I got very lucky by having two wonderful sisters and I cannot say enough good things about them.
Nancy also deserves praise for her acting. While I fiddle around with interviewing people, Nanc (and husband Dave) have stepped in front of the camera on several Chicago-filmed shows.Maybe I should interview them?
We will not be together today, but I send her a long distance birthday greeting. Happy birthday, and I love you, Nancy!
Nancy Blais in Chicago, IL-April 2017.


Nancy said...

Aw thanks. I coyld not ask for a better brother or sister. Love you both.

Jean Parker said...

Nice tribute to Nancy ... hope you had a good day!