Friday, April 13, 2018

On the Beat With Jane Labowitch at C2E2 2018

When scanning the artist guest list for C2E2 2018, as soon as I saw Princess Etch, I knew i wanted to get an interview with her. Princess Etch is Jane Labowitch, a talented artist who uses Etch-A-Sketch to create beautiful masterpieces.
While Jane proves Etch-A-Sketch isn't just child's play, she did get her start when she was only four years old. Obviously, she honed her skills over the years through a lot of practice. Jane's talent and training go beyond just mastering Etch-A-Sketch. She also earned a BFA in Illustration at the American Academy of Art. Her clients include MTV, the Cartoon Network and many others.
I was fascinated by her work. Like a lot of folks, I tried my hand at Etch-A-Sketch and like a lot of folks, I never was able to get beyond the basics. It blows my mind to see the beauty and the detail in Jane's creations. 
In our interview, Jane talked about her start with Etch-A-Sketch, her path to become Princess Etch and much more. It was funny to hear her talk about her Etch-A-Sketch skills as a youngster, but I'll let you hear that from her.
When I told my friends I was interviewing Princess Etch, the most popular question was how she makes her creations permanent, once she is done with them. Jane answers that question.
You can find out more about Jane at  You can also follow her at Princess Etch on Facebook.
Jane was a delight. I am still amazed at her mastery of the Etch-A-Sketch. It is unique and incredible. I appreciate her time in giving us this interview. Thanks, too, to C2E2 for the opportunity to meet awesome people like Princess Etch.

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