Tuesday, April 24, 2018

On the Beat With Wisconsin Assistant Softball Coaches Kirsten Verdun and Danielle Zymkowitz

Last weekend, I ventured north of the border to Madison, WI, for a Big Ten softball series between the University of Wisconsin and Purdue University. Of course, I love collegiate softball, but having three Chicago bandits legends coaching was a major draw for me.
Kirsten Verdun was a star player at DePaul University. She went on to pitch for the Bandits, winning a championship in 2015.
Danielle Zymkowitz starred at the University of Illinois. Playing several positions, she won titles with the Bandits in 2015 and 2016.
Kirsten and Danielle are two of my all-time favorite players. They are tremendous role models for the young players and fans. They always had time for an interview or quick quote. I appreciated them on and off the field. They have given me many fantastic memories.
After Sunday's win, Kirsten and Danielle found time to chat a bit and to give us a few minute interview. They talked about the team, judging pro prospects, their coaching duties and more. They even answered a question previously submitted by Kenzie Parker, a young fan who has given me a few questions for other interviews. Kenzie is a super fan and a pro hopeful.
Tomorrow, check for my interview with Purdue Assistant Coach Tatum Edwards, another of my favorite Bandits. Also, check here for recurring coverage of Northwestern softball and the Chicago Bandits. Check GlobalTraveler.com on Wednesday for more coverage of the weekend.
Thank you to Kirsten and Danielle for their time and continual friendship. I will continue following them as their coaching careers progress.
Thanks to Kelli Grashel, Assistant Director of Athletic Communications, for facilitating this interview and for granting us access all weekend.
One final note, I made it through this whole piece without mentioning my infamous strikeout at the hands of Kirsten! Just another reason why she will always be a favorite!

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