Thursday, May 17, 2018

Peri Toth at Motor City Comic Con 2017

I first met Tornado Toth and his daughters Layne and Peri way back in 2009 at the Motor City Comic Con.  Among other things, the talented girls were comic book creators.  They created Lucky: The One-Eyed Stray Dog for their Sisters Comics enterprise.
I have kept up with the Toth family since then through social media.  It's an understatement to write that they have been busy.
Last year at the MCCC, I was happy to run into Tornado and Peri right in the middle of the event floor.  We spent about 30 minutes catching up.
Tornado was his usual self.  He certainly lives up to his nickname.  Peri has grown into a young lady and was busy trying to get some interviews with the celebrities.
Peri is so far ahead of the game, it is scary (playing off on her nickname there).  At a young age, she has a lot of experience already and has such a bright future.  I started Johngy's Beat when I was much older than Peri and I am envious and impressed with what Peri has accomplished.
I hope Peri will be at this year's MCCC (May 18-20).  I know I will be there "On the Beat" as usual.  You can get all of the info on MCCC at  You can also learn more about Peri at
Tornado and Peri Toth and me in Novi, MI-May 2017.

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