Monday, August 20, 2018

Friendly Encounters: Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Parker

Friendly Encounters is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities. 
As Wizard World Chicago 2018 approaches, this is a special Wizard World Friendly Encounters. Contributor Extraordinaire Matt Parker earned his title hundreds of times. His place is firmly cemented in Johngy's Beat history. I couldn't have done a lot of what I have without his help, especially in the earlier years.
I was always happy when Matt would meet a celeb. Aside with payment in pizza and Cokes, it was good to give him something you couldn't get just anywhere.
Meeting Milo Ventimiglia was one of the times when Matt wanted to meet a celeb. Among his many other roles, Ventimiglia played Peter on tv's Heroes. Of course, he also starred as Rocky Jr. in Rocky Balboa. before finding even more success on tv's Gilmore Girls. Recently, he really struck gold on tv's This Is Us.
I have met Ventimiglia many times since and he is still a great guy. His lines are longer, but it s always worth the wait to see him. He's great with his fans.
Thank you to Big Money for all of the help he has given me. Thanks to Wizard World for granting us access.
Check out for all of the info on every show. Wizard World Chicago 2018 starts Thursday, August 23 and runs through Sunday, August 26. I hope to see you there.
Milo Ventimiglia and Matt Parker in Rosemont, IL-August 2013.

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Jean Parker said...

Love him on "This is Us" ....