Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mick Foley, Windy City Slam and Wizard World 2018

I have a long history with wrestling legend Mick Foley. I've met him many times and interviewed him a few times. An ex-girlfriend of mine once talked to him extensively about Tietam Brown, his first novel. He's always great, no matter the occasion. At the recent Wizard World, thanks to Mike Pankow and Windy City Slam, I added a new experience to that list.
I've known Mike for several years and have crossed paths with him at various events we were both covering for different outlets. Mike recently started Windy City Slam, which promises to go "inside pro wrestling from the Chicago scene to around the world." When I saw Mike was covering Wizard World, I offered to help him with his wrestling interviews.
As always, Mike came to Wizard World well-prepared. He asked Mick about his legendary Chicago matches (wrestling with Maxx Payne against the Nasty Boys in 1994 and solo against Edge in 2006), the Concussion Legacy Foundation, his affinity for Christmas and Santa and much more. I even squeezed in a question about future books from Mick.
Despite knowing a lot about Mick, even I learned a bit in this 5 minute interview. It was a job well done by Mike and it was a sign of things to come for Windy City Slam. That interview can be found on Windy City Slam at Chicago History Sticks With Mick Foley.
I want to thank Mike for letting me tag with him. Check out for more interviews and stories. Also, follow Windy City Slam on Facebook.
Mick Foley and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2018.

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