Friday, October 26, 2018

Wizard World Women at Wizard World St. Louis 2017

I love Wizard World.  Where else can you meet cute, fun, friendly, blue-haired women willingly posing for pictures with you without feeling like a creep?
There are always many attendees cosplaying at Wizard World.  At Wizard World in St. Louis, I met the Wizard World Women.  It's quite possible, these women (or characters, if not specifically these women) have been at other Wizard World events.  I can be oblivious at times.  In any case, this time, I got a picture with the lovely women.
My fascination with "mascots" has been well-documented (by me).  I don't know if these Wizard World Women are actually mascots, but for the sake of this subject, they serve the same purpose.
I posed the question of where else can you meet women like this, but actually it should have been "Where else can women like these not totally stand out?"  In the Wizard World convention universe, these women more blend in than stand out, no offense to their beauty, intelligence, charisma or people skills.  Wizard World is full of colorful, fun characters, as celebrity guests, cosplayers or casual attendees.
Most events wouldn't even bother to have these women mingling with the fans, but Wizard World isn't like most events.  The more the merrier.  Wizard World does everything it can to make each show a spectacle.  They could just rely on their fans to bring their inner characters to life, but they take the extra step to have these characters adding to their experience.
I love a good mascot.  Heck, I love any mascot.  Still, I have to say, two beautiful women do rank slightly higher than an unknown person in a big, furry animal costume.  Kudos to Wizard World for their take on the mascot!
The next Wizard World is in Madison, WI on November 30-December 2. Go to to get more info and all of the updates.
The Wizard World Girls and me in St. Louis, MO-April 2017.

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