Thursday, November 29, 2018

Ben Savage at Wizard World Chicago 2018

Wizard World takes over Madison, Wisconsin from Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2. I'll be crossing the northern border to be "On the Beat." Over the next few days, I'll be recalling some of my memories from past Wizard World events.
Chicago-born actor Ben Savage rose to fame as the "boy" in Boy Meets World. Cory and Topanga were the teenage supercouple of the 1990's. I was a bit older than the core audience of the show, but it was a very good show, relying on strong, developed characters and solid storylines.
Savage has stayed active after Boy Meets World, sometimes even playing parts drastically different from his fresh-faced Cory character. He also reprised his Cory role for Girl Meets World from 2014-2017.
When Savage emerged from behind the curtain to take his place at his booth at Wizard World, the crowd erupted. He seemed almost embarrassed by the reception, bt very appreciative. He waved to the crowd and took pictures of it as well.
It's about 25 years after Boy Meets World debuted, but Savage looked just like he did back then. In fact him and his former costar  Danielle Fishel (more on her tomorrow) both looked like they have stopped time.
I didn't get to talk to Savage too long. The crowd of fans made his time very valuable. He was extremely nice though and mentioned coming back to Chicago and visiting some of his favorite food places, but he wouldn't name any for fear of leaving out some good ones. He was a true class aqct, even if I didn't get the scoop on his go-to place!
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Ben Savage and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2018.

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