Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bobby Douglass at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2017

The Chicago Pop Culture Con runs November 24 and 25 in St. Charles, IL. Last year, they had a cool mix of guest celebrities, including several ex-Chicago athletes.
Bobby Douglass was the first quarterback I ever remember for the Chicago Bears. The big lefthander joined the Bears in 1969 and stayed with the team until mid-1975. He then played for San Diego, New Orleans and Green Bay. He also pitched in 4 games in the White Sox minor leagues in 1979.
Douglass was ahead of his time. He was a powerful runner with a strong, but often inaccurate, arm. In a more recent era, Douglass might have had a much better career.
At the Chicago Pop Culture Convention 2018, Douglass was another former Chicago athlete I was able to meet. He still looked big and strong, even at 70.
We talked about his career, including leaving the Bears just as Walter Payton was starting. I also poked him about playing for the hated Packers. Of course, a job in the NFL is better than sitting at home.
I am looking forward to this year's Chicago Pop Culture Con. Go to for more info and schedules. I'll be "On the Beat" and hopefully, I'll see you there.
Bobby Douglass and me in St. Charles, IL-November 2017.

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