Tuesday, November 27, 2018

On the Beat With James Azrael at Chicago Pop Culture Con 2018

At the recent Chicago Pop Culture Con, I interviewed James Azrael, a member of my convention family. James is not only a bud, he is a talented guy with an impressive and varied resume, including "It's Just a Game," his movie premiering December 1.
According to the Kickstarter page for "It's Just a Game," the movie is "twisted tale of teenage bullying, jealousy, angst, and a bizarre theatre cult intent on summoning the spirit of an ancient witch." James also gives his insight into the movie in our interview below. Written and directed by Daniel Emery Taylor, produced by my bud James, it stars Hannah Cohen-Lawlor, Leah Hudspeth, Alex Zuko and James, who plays brother Julius (or big guy with a beard, according to James). 
James invited me to the big event this Saturday, but unfortunately, other work prevents me from being there, but I'll be there in spirit and I'll live vicariously through many other friends going. I don't say this because James is a friend. This movie intrigues me.
At the many comic cons I attend, I see a lot of films being promoted. It takes something very special to stand out and "It's Just A Game" sounds very special to me. I also see the passion and excitement when I talked to James.
The Kickstarter program runs for another 9 days. There are several levels of pledging with awesome rewards on each level. In addition to the Blu-Ray, you can get autographed merchandise, limited edition pieces, and lots of other collector's items. Most importantly, you will be helping talented people and getting lots of entertainment, while being part of something special.
Go to the Kickstarter page for It's Just a Game" to get more info on that project, to secure your copy and to help the cause. For more info on James, check out James Azrael on Facebook. You can also follow the HSPPA on Facebook. Go to the It's Just a Game Facebook page for more news about the movie.
Thanks to James for his time and consideration. I wish my friend a lot of success with this project. Thank you also to Tim Zurko of Zurko Promotions for the hospitality all weekend at Chicago Pop Culture Con.

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