Sunday, November 4, 2018

On the Beat With the Marquette Golden Eagles

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of covering the Big East Conference Women's Basketball Tournament in Chicago. The title game featured the DePaul Blue Demons defeating the Marquette Golden Eagles. I was so impressed with those teams and the tourney in general. I decided then to expand my coverage of the Big East.
That expanded coverage started last Monday, when I attended Media Day at Marquette. Held at the Al McGuire Center in Milwaukee, I joined many other media members in talking to the team and watching some of the practice.
Head Coach Carolyn Kieger opened the session by talking about high expectations for the team. She quickly added that "execution beats expectations." You can hear her opening statement in the video below.
I talked to Coach Kieger later, complimenting her on the team's play in the Bog East tourney. Of course, the ultimate outcome was not the desired one for the team, but with 2 consecutive title games, including winning the title the previous season, the Golden Eagles should be proud of their accomplishments.
She cautioned the team about resting on their laurels and I don't see that as a problem. This team is hungry and loaded with talent. With six returning seniors, including the 2018 Big East Player of the Year Allazia Blockton, this team has the experience (and the post-season experience, too) to have another run at the title.
Coach Kieger further impressed me when talking about the final season for the seniors. She talked about wanting them to leave their mark and to enjoy the journey. I am a big believer in soaking in the experience and took a moment to just absorb my surroundings.
I was actually standing on the court for Media Day with a major college basketball team. I was talking to a classy coach who is a former standout player during her days at Marquette. I was about to talk to some of the best athletes in the country.
Just a year ago, I couldn't name one of these women though. I am admittedly a newbie on the women's collegiate basketball scene, but my interest is ever-growing. Despite not garnering the coverage these women deserve, they do have a very loyal fanbase.
I thank Marquette University for their hospitality. I thank Assistant Director of Communications Megan O'Shea for facilitating all. I thank Coach Kieger and the team for their time and consideration.
I have several stories from Media Day which will appear here over the next few weeks. I will also have additional coverage as the season progresses.
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