Tuesday, December 25, 2018

HeroTV 2018 Episode 12: Eric Soderholm Part 1

Eric Soderholm was one of my first favorite players, despite playing for the Minnesota Twins, rivals of the Chicago White Sox. Eric suffered a devastating knee injury late in the 1975 season and missed all of 1976. In late '76, he was the first free agent to sign with the Sox.
Eric was named the 1977 American League Comeback Player of the Year and had another solid season in 1978. It was cool seeing Eric play here in Chicago.
Unfortunately, he was traded to the Texas Rangers during the 1979 season and then traded to the New York Yankees after the season. After one season with the Yankees, he retired. After his playing career ended, Eric did some scouting and owned a ticket broker company.
Eventually, Eric and his family opened SoderWorld Wellness Center. Earlier this month, as part of our HeroTV show, Paul Myers and I visited Eric at SoderWorld. I wrote about that experience for Global Traveler at Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Abundance at SoderWorld.
Immediately as we walked to the entrance, Paul and I both remarked at how peaceful the area was. It seemed the perfect place for a "body, mind and spirit sanctuary," as SoderWorld'promises. Despite the recent snow and cold front, I could see how beautiful the setting was. I can only imagine how wonderful it is in warmer times.
Eric was very gracious and accommodating. He answered all of our questions and gave us an interesting interview. It was great to learn about Eric's views on life and to see him genuinely at peace.I couldn't help but be drawn into his spirit.
Especially at this time of year, it is good to focus on the important things in life. Eric doesn't promise that SoderWorld will bring you a peaceful state of mind, but it will lead you on that path. Just being there already made me feel calmer.
I plan on returning to SoderWorld, specifically in the summer. I want to walk through the "Garden of Eden," as Eric calls it. I want to see the area in full bloom.
You can watch HeroTV 2018 Episode 12: Eric Soderholm Part 1 on the HeroTV YouTube channel. Also, check out HeroTV on Comcast.
Thank you to Eric for his time and consideration. It was a pleasure meeting him and learning about his career and SoderWorld. Go to SoderWorldWellness.com for more info. Also check SoderWorld on Facebook for news and updates.
PL Myers, Eric Soderholm and me in Willowbrook, IL-December 2018.

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