Tuesday, March 26, 2019

On the Beat With Rob Schamberger at C2E2 2019

When I saw artist Rob Schamberger was appearing at C2E2, I immediately contacted him about an interview. I have been a fan of the WWE Artist in Residence for a long time and I had him on my Interview Wish List" for a while. Rob graciously agreed to give me a few minutes of his time.
Rob has been creating masterpieces for more than two decades. His work features bold colors and unique color combinations. His style meshes well with the world of pro wrestling, with its colorful characters and superhuman bodies.
Being the WWE Artist in Residence is quite an accomplishment. To be embraced and featured by a megacompany like the WWE speaks volumes on Rob's success and popularity.
Of course, one of my favorite pieces of Rob's is his Roddy Piper art. One of the most recent excellent works Rob has created features my old pal Sarah Logan and the Riott Squad (formerly Crazy Mary Dobson from Resistance Pro). It is so cool seeing Sarah painted by Rob.
In our interview below, we talked about Rob's start, his favorite wrestlers (past and present), his work with the WWE and more. It was a lot of fun and I really appreciate Rob's time and consideration.
One of the many cool parts of Rob's work is that his paintings are all different. It's not like a cookie-cutter approach to every WWE star. This shows tremendous creativity. I really have gotten lost in his pictures while checking out his gallery. They are all simply beautiful.
I always try to get my favorite artists to do their take on The Johngy character. I think Rob is a little too big for that (unfortunately for me). I can dream though and in my dream, Rob creates a version of The Johngy which would fit right in the WWE universe.
After you watch the interview, go to RobSchamberger.com to learn more about Rob and to see a ton of his creations. You can go to WWE Shop to see his available merchandise.
Thank you to Rob for the interview. Thanks, too, to the fine folks at C2E2 for the hospitality and for facilitating the interview.

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