Thursday, April 4, 2019

Paul Erickson and James Finn Garner at Wizard World Chicago 2017

Authors Paul Erickson and James Finn Garner have appeared here many times. They are two friends I have made from the comic con circuit.
Paul is a nerd parodist, specifically "The world's leading" nerd parodist. While he jokes about the title, I really can't argue with it. His books have parodied Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and despite the fact I am not a huge fan of either, I really enjoy his work. Being a fan of either probably helps, but his humor comes through either way.
James is a New York Times best-selling author. Lately, he has been working on his graphic novel series featuring clown detective Rex Koko. Clown noir might be a term invented by James, but he has perfected the art.
These two go together, because they are together a lot. Long-time friends and comic con booth partners, they are a double threat and double treat. I originally met them separately and then learned of their connection. Now, a comic con isn't a comic con, until I hang out a bit at their booth, although I still won't try those circus peanuts.
You can check out the interviews at HeroTV 2019 Episode 2: Paul Erickson and HeroTV Episode 3: James Finn Garner. Go to for info on Paul and for info on James.
Go to to check out all of the Wizard World cons across the country al year. I don't know yet if Paul and James will be at WW Chicago, but I hope to see them there.
Paul Erickson, James Finn Garner and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2017.

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