Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Grammar Police Watch: Update-Bollywood Salon and Spa

Earlier this year, I presented the first Grammar Police Watch.  In Grammar Police Watch: Bollywood Salon & Spa, I took a local business to task for a neon sign with a spelling error ("availabe").
I understand mistakes are made and I have made many spelling and grammar mistakes. This is a neon sign though and either the error was never noticed or (worse) it was noticed and the sign was used anyway.
This morning on my walk for a bagel, I was pleasantly surprised to see a new sign at Bollywood Salon & Spa. The new sign eliminated the spelling error. The new sign is no longer a neon lettered sign, but is now an LED message board. I applaud the improvement.
In this age of technology, why deal with a permanent neon sign, when you can have an LED changeable sign. Even if they never change the message, having that option is always a good idea. Plus, they now have the ability to correct any misspellings on future messages.
The big question is if JohngysBeat.com influenced this? Could the powers that be there have seen my previous rambling? Having had the sign like that for a long while, the timing of the change is interesting.


Fuji said...

Lol. As a teacher, I'm glad to see they've fixed the mistake. The upgrade to LED was a smart move.

Johngy said...

Fugi-I thought of you first. I figured you would like this.